Книга: Introduction to Microprocessors and Microcontrollers

Most microcontrollers are similar

Most microcontrollers are similar

Once we have learned to drive, most vehicles are easily recognized as being very similar. We are happy with the general idea and can concentrate on the minor differences. Microcontrollers are much the same. Having already become familiar with the basic building blocks of the simple microprocessor in Chapter 8, we can move very easily into the microcontroller. It is not surprising then to find that all microcontrollers are basically very similar.

To give an overall impression of the range of microcontrollers available we are going to look at three popular ranges. The first is the 8051, probably the most widely used microcontroller, over twenty years old and continuously developed by many different companies and showing no signs of fading away. The next is from the AVR family produced by the Atmel Corporation, one of the leaders in this field. From this range we look at the AT90S/LS2343 one that is small, modern and RISC. The final one will be explored in Chapter 16.

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