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Testing Using Real Devices

Testing Using Real Devices

While most of the testing can be performed on the emulators, it is always helpful to use a real device to fully test your application. For example, you will find out the true usability of your application when users have to type using the small keypad on the phone (versus typing using a keyboard when testing on an emulator). For this purpose, you can test your application on some of the devices running the Windows Mobile 6 Standard platform, such as the Samsung Black II (see Figure 18-19).

Figure 18-19

Testing your Windows Mobile application on real devices could not be easier. All you need is to:

1. Connect your device to your development machine using ActiveSync.

2. Select Windows Mobile 6 Standard Device (see Figure 18-20) in Visual Studio 2008.

Figure 18-20 

3. Press F5. The application is now deployed onto the device.

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