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Testing Using Emulators

Testing Using Emulators

The SDKs for the various platforms include various emulators for you to test your Windows Mobile applications without needing to use a real device. For example, if your project is targeting the Windows Mobile 6 platform, you would see a list of emulators available for your testing (see Figure 18-17).

Figure 18-17

Once you have selected an emulator to use, click the Connect to Device button to launch it. To test your application, cradle the emulator to ActiveSync first so that you have Internet connectivity on the emulator. To cradle the emulator to ActiveSync, select Tools?Device Emulator Manager in Visual Studio 2008; right-click the emulator that has been launched (the one with the green arrow next to it); and select Cradle (see Figure 18-18).

Figure 18-18

Now press F5 in Visual Studio 2008 to deploy the application onto the emulator for testing.

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