Книга: Introduction to Microprocessors and Microcontrollers

Quiz time 1

Quiz time 1

In each case, choose the best option.

1 A microprocessor:

(a) requires fuel, water and electricity.

(b) is abbreviated to ?c.

(c) is often encapsulated in plastic.

(d) is never used in a CPU but can be used in an MPU.

2 A system must include:

(a) an input, an output and a process.

(b) something to do with a form of transport.

(c) a microprocessor.

(d) fuel, water and electricity.

3 All systems generate:

(a) movement.

(b) chips.

(c) waste heat.

(d) waste gases.

4 An MPU:

(a) is the same as a ?P.

(b) can be made from more than one Central Processing Unit.

(c) is a small, single chip computer.

(d) is an abbreviation for Main Processing Unit.

5 Integrated circuits are not:

(a) called chips.

(b) used to construct a microprocessor-based system.

(c) solid state circuits.

(d) an essential part of an engine.

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