Книга: Fedora™ Unleashed, 2008 edition



If you are using the KDE Desktop Environment rather than the Fedora default GNOME desktop, you will also have KMail installed. As with Balsa, it will not take users of Outlook Express or Mozilla Mail very long to get used to the KMail interface. Some useful features found in KMail are the choice of mbox or maildir formats, improved filter creation, the capability to sort mail into threads, and the capability to apply filters at the MTA. Figure 5.9 shows the KMail email program. KMail offers IMAP access, extensive filtering, mbox and maildir formats, and the capability to easily integrate MTAs such as Procmail, Spamassassin, or custom processing scripts.

FIGURE 5.9 The KMail email client, part of the KDE Desktop Environment.

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