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Kernel Address Space

Kernel Address Space

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 divides the kernel address space further into several regions for specific purposes, as illustrated in Figure 5-6. The lower two regions of 512 MB each statically map physical memory into cached and non-cached virtual memory. The middle two regions for kernel execute in place (XIP) DLLs and Object Store are important for the OS design. The remaining space is for kernel modules and CPU-specific purposes.

Figure 5-6 Kernel space in Windows Embedded CE 6.0

Table 5-9 summarizes the kernel virtual memory regions with start and end addresses.

Table 5-9 Kernel memory regions

Start Address End Address Description
0xF0000000 0xFFFFFFFF Used for CPU specific system trap and kernel data pages.
0xE0000000 0xEFFFFFFF Kernel virtual machine, it is CPU dependent, for example this space is not available for SHx.
0xD0000000 0xDFFFFFFF Used for all kernel mode modules of the OS.
0xC8000000 0xCFFFFFFF Object Store used for RAM file system, database and registry.
0xC0000000 0xC7FFFFFF XIP DLLs.
0xA0000000 0xBFFFFFFF Non-cached mapping of physical memory.
0x80000000 0x9FFFFFFF Cached mapping of physical memory.

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