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Flash Memory Support

Flash Memory Support

Having implemented network communication capabilities, you also must enable the boot loader to download run-time image onto the new hardware platform and pass control to it. Alternately, you can save the run-time image to flash memory. Table 5-4 lists the download and flash memory support functions that you must implement for this purpose if the reference BSP's boot loader does not already support these features.

Table 5-4 Functions for supporting download and flash memory

Function Description
OEMPreDownload Sets up the necessary download protocol supported by platform builder.
OEMIsFlashAddr Checks if the image is for flash or RAM.
OEMMapMemAddr Performs temporary remapping of the image to RAM.
OEMStartEraseFlash Prepares to erase flash of enough size to fit the OS image.
OEMContinueEraseFlash Continue erasing flash based on download progress.
OEMFinishEraseFlash Complete the flash erasing once the download is done.
OEMWriteFlash Write OS image to flash.

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