Книга: Embedded Linux Primer: A Practical, Real-World Approach

10.3.4. Flash Chip Drivers

10.3.4. Flash Chip Drivers

MTD has support for a wide variety of Flash chips and devices. Chances are very good that your chosen chip has also been supported. The most common Flash chips support the Common Flash Interface (CFI) mentioned earlier. Older Flash chips might have JEDEC support, which is an older Flash compatibility standard. Figure 10-4 shows the kernel configuration from a recent Linux kernel snapshot. This version supports many Flash types.

Figure 10-4. Flash device support

If your Flash chip is not supported, you must provide a device file yourself. Using one of the many examples in .../drivers/mtd/chips as a starting point, customize or create your own Flash device driver. Better yet, unless the chip was just introduced with some newfangled interface, chances are good that someone has already produced a driver.

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