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Creating the Application

Creating the Application

Using Visual Studio 2008, create a new Windows application and name it PhotoViewer. Populate the default Form1 with the controls shown in Figure 16-5. These controls are:

Control Text Name
Button controls (4) Create Folder btnCreateFolder
Remove Folder btnRemoveFolder
Upload Photos btnUploadPhotos
Delete Photo btnDeletePhoto
GroupBox controls (3) FTP Server  
Label controls (6) Server Name/IP  
User Name  
Select folder  
New folder name  
Selected Photo  
PictureBox   PictureBox1
TextBox controls (4)   txtFTPServer
ToolStripStatusLabel ToolStripStatusLabel1 ToolStripStatusLabel1
TreeView   TreeView1

Figure 16-5

The source code for this project can be downloaded from Wrox's web site at www.wrox.com.

You'll also need to add an ImageList control (ImageList1) to Form1 to contain three images representing an opened folder, a closed folder, and an image file. You can specify these images in the control's Image property (see Figure 16-6).

Figure 16-6

Set the control properties in the following table.

Control Property Value
TreeView1 ImageList ImageList1
PictureBox1 SizeMode Zoom
txtPassword PasswordChar "*"

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