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The Glade Client for Developing in GNOME

The Glade Client for Developing in GNOME

If you prefer to use GNOME and its development tools, the Glade GTK+ GUI builder can save you time and effort when building a basic skeleton for a program. You launch Glade from the desktop panel's Programming menu.

When you launch Glade, a directory named Projects is created in your home directory, and you see a main window, along with two floating palette and properties windows (see Figure 28.2, which shows a basic GNOME client with a calendar widget added to its main window). You can use Glade's File menu to save the blank project and then start building your client by clicking and adding user interface elements from the Palette window. For example, you can first click the Palette window's Gnome button and then click to create your new client's main window. A window with a menu and a toolbar appears — the basic framework for a new GNOME client!

FIGURE 28.2 Glade is 100% backward compatible, which means Glade 2 can read Glade 3 interfaces, and vice versa.

Related Fedora and Linux Commands

You will use many of these commands when programming in C and C++ for Linux:

ar — The GNU archive development tool

as — The GNU assembler

autoconf — The GNU configuration script generator

cervisia — A KDE client that provides a graphical interface to a CVS project

cvs — An older project revision control system, now replaced by Subversion

designer — Trolltech's graphical prototyping tool for use with Qt libraries and X

gcc — The GNU C/C++ compiler system

gdb — The GNU interactive debugger

glade-3 — The GNOME graphical development environment for building GTK+ clients

gprof — The GNU program profiler

kdevelop — The KDE C/C++ graphical development environment for building KDE, GNOME, or terminal clients

make — A GNU project management command

patch — Larry Wall's source patching utility

pmake — A BSD project management command

splint — The C source file checker

svn — The Subversion version control system

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