Книга: The Red Web: The Struggle Between Russia



“A gripping book about of the internet and its censorship in post-Soviet Russia…. Having covered technology and the security services from the start of their careers in the 1990s, the two Russian journalists have accumulated expert knowledge few can match. And yet they have written a book not for geeks but for anyone who wants to understand how their country works.”

Financial Times

“[Soldatov and Borogan] pull at the roots of the surveillance system in Russia today, and their research leads them quickly to the paranoid society of the Soviet Union.”

Wall Street Journal

“A well-researched and disturbing book by two brave Russian authors.”


“[An] excellent, highly readable tale of the ongoing struggle to control digital life in Russia…. [Soldatov and Borogan] have gone on to become foremost experts on the Russian secret services, and count among the country’s few remaining practicing investigative journalists.”

Los Angeles Review of Books

“A masterful study of the struggle between the Kremlin’s desire to control information and the unruly world of ordinary digital citizens.”

Guardian (UK)

“Soldatov and Borogan, two young journalists, dogged and nervy, are detectives, tracking down players on all sides…. A high-tech adventure.”

Foreign Affairs

“Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan, two of Russia’s top investigative journalists specializing in espionage, have given us a thrilling account of the online war between Russian surveillance and digital protesters…. A superb book by two brave journalists. It deserves to be widely read because it asks profound questions about freedom and the future of the internet.”

International Affairs

“Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan’s The Red Web could not be more timely. It is a meticulously researched and highly readable history of Russian online communication, from its birth in the twilight of Soviet power to the flourishing social networks and varied blogposts of today.”

—DANIEL TREISMAN, Digital Russia

“[Andrei Soldatov is] the single-most prominent critic of Russia’s surveillance apparatus.”


“If you want to know the history of Russian intelligence, look no further. Revealing, new, and rich in detail. From simple surveillance to electronic snooping Russian-style, a gripping and important study. This is a book you hope Russian officials don’t find in your luggage.”

—RICHARD ENGEL, chief foreign correspondent, NBC News

“Russia hands and Net neutrality advocates alike will find plenty to intrigue in this report from the front lines.”

Kirkus Reviews

“[The Red Web] examines Putin’s power grabs and the Russian government’s use of surveillance, overt censorship, and intimidation through technology in recent years.”

Publishers Weekly

“Borogan and Soldatov have spent a decade and a half reporting on the shadowy world of Russia’s secret services, and they are Moscow’s premier experts on eavesdropping, censorship, and paranoia. [The Red Web is] essential reading for any student of modern Russia.”

Sunday Telegraph

“Soldatov and Borogan have little sympathy for Snowden, but their remarkably rich book is a major contribution to the same cause: to lay bare the extent to which modern governments seek to monitor and control their citizens. It makes for uncomfortable but essential reading.”

Times Literary Supplement

“[Soldatov and Borogan] undertake the logical and necessary task of tracing the roots of Putin’s repression and censorship, pointing out various continuities between the spies and censors of the twentieth century and today.”


“Russian journalists expose Internet censorship and surveillance in Putin’s Russia.”

Shelf Awareness, starred review

“This unusual book describes a significant and concealed aspect of current Russian politics. The most troubling aspect of The Red Web may be its implication for Russia’s evolution and its accommodation with the West.”

Library Journal, Editors’ Fall Picks 2015

“Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan… are among the best investigative reporters at work in Russia today…. [They go] beyond the propaganda and silence to detail the forces of control that will long outlast Putin. The Red Web sets and achieves an ambitious goal: to chart the history of the state’s mastery of digital communications and data.”


“A definitive account of how the Kremlin has thoroughly co-opted the Russian Internet, turning it into an effective tool for the modern surveillance state.”


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