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Other Containers of Note

Other Containers of Note

Android offers AbsoluteLayout, where the contents are laid out based on specific coordinate positions. You tell AbsoluteLayout where to place a child in precise X,Y coordinates, and Android puts it there, no questions asked. On the plus side, this gives you precise positioning. On the minus side, it means your views will only look “right” on screens of a certain dimension, or it requires you to write a bunch of code to adjust the coordinates based on screen size. Since Android screens might run the gamut of sizes, plus have new sizes crop up periodically, using AbsoluteLayout could get quite annoying.

Android also has a new flavor of list, the ExpandableListView. This provides a simplified tree representation, supporting two levels of depth: groups and children. Groups contain children; children are “leaves” of the tree. This requires a new set of adapters, since the ListAdapter family does not provide any sort of group information for the items in the list.

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