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File Push and Pull

File Push and Pull

While you can use adb pull and adb push to get files to and from an emulator or device, DDMS lets you do that visually. Just highlight the emulator or device you wish to work with, then choose Device?File Explorer… from the main menu. That will bring up the typical directory browser seen in Figure 37-10.

Figure 37-10. DDMS File Explorer

Just browse to the file you want and click either the pull (left-most) or push (middle) toolbar button to transfer the file to/from your development machine. Or, click the delete (right-most) toolbar button to delete the file.

There are a few caveats to this:

• You cannot create directories through this tool. You will either need to use adb shell or create them from within your application.

• While you can putter through most of the files on an emulator, you can access very little outside of /sdcard on an actual device, due to Android security restrictions.

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