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Launching Sandcastle

Launching Sandcastle

Once Sandcastle and the Sandcastle Help File Builder are downloaded and installed, launch the Sandcastle Help File Builder by selecting Start?Programs?Sandcastle Help File Builder?Sandcastle Help File Builder GUI.

You should see the window shown in Figure C-8 when the Sandcastle Help File Builder is launched.

Figure C-8

You can choose the type of documentation you want to generate from the HelpFileFormat drop-down listbox (see Figure C-9).

Click the Add button to add the assembly filename that you want to generate the documentation for (see Figure C-8). Once the assembly is selected (PointClass.dll in the bin/Debug folder, in this case), the XML document filename field is automatically selected (the same name as the assembly, but with an .xml extension).

You can add multiple projects into the same documentation by adding each assembly into the Sandcastle project.

Finally, set the ShowMissingNamespaces property to false.

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