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AJAX Control Toolkit

AJAX Control Toolkit

While ASP.NET 3.5 comes with a built-in set of controls you can use to create AJAX-style web applications, one of the greatest benefits of AJAX is that its framework is extensible, which allows you and other developers to create your own AJAX controls by extending those that already exist. Microsoft encourages this activity and sponsors an open-source-style project — the AJAX Control Toolkit that makes available a set of controls developed by Microsoft and seeks to involve the community in creating more elements to extend the functionality of AJAX. The AJAX Control Toolkit gives you access to a growing collection of robust controls that give you additional AJAX-style functionality beyond that provided by the basic AJAX framework.

You can download the AJAX Control Toolkit from: http://codeplex.com/AtlasControlToolkit/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx?ReleaseId=11121.

You have a choice of two files to download:

AjaxControlToolkit-Framework3-5.zip is the full release package with complete source code to all controls, the test framework, VSI, and more.

AjaxControlToolkit-Framework3.5-NoSource.zip contains only the sample web site and VSI, and is for people who don't need or want the source code for the controls.

The AJAX Control Toolkit comes with a set of AJAX Extender controls. Unlike the AJAX controls that come with ASP.NET 3.5, you need to manually add these to the Toolbox in Visual Studio 2008. To do so, add a new tab in Toolbox (see Figure 17-24), and name it AJAX Control Toolkit.

Figure 17-24

Extract the AjaxControlToolkit-Framework3.5-NoSource.zip file (assuming that you downloaded the version without source code) into a folder (C:AJAXControlToolkit, for instance). Inside the new folder is a folder named SampleWebSiteBin. Drag and drop the AjaxControlToolkit.dll library from that Bin folder onto the new AJAX Control Toolkit tab. The set of AJAX Control Toolkit Extender controls appears, as shown in Figure 17-25.

Figure 17-25

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