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Structure of an Assembly

Structure of an Assembly

An assembly consists of the following four parts (see Figure 15-1).

Part Description
Assembly metadata Describes the assembly and its content
Type metadata Defines all the types and methods exported from the assembly
IL code Contains the MSIL code compiled by the compiler
Resources Contains icons, images, text strings, as well as other resources used by your application

Figure 15-1

Physically, all four parts can reside in one physical file, or some parts of an assembly can be stored other modules. A module can contain type metadata and IL code, but it does not contain assembly metadata. Hence, a module cannot be deployed by itself; it must be combined with an assembly to be used. Figure 15-2 shows part of an assembly stored in two modules.

Figure 15-2

An assembly is the basic unit of installation. In this example, the assembly is made up of three files (one assembly and two modules). The two modules by themselves cannot be installed separately; they must accompany the assembly.

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