Книга: Embedded Linux Primer: A Practical, Real-World Approach

3.3.1. CompactPCI

3.3.1. CompactPCI

The CompactPCI (cPCI) hardware platform is based on PCI electrical standards and Eurocard physical specifications. cPCI has the following general features:

• Vertical cards of 3U or 6U heights

• Latch system for securing and ejecting cards

• Front- or rear-panel I/O connections supported

• High-density backplane connector

• Staggered power pins for hot-swap support

• Support by many vendors

• Compatibility with standard PCI chipsets

You can view highlights of and obtain specifications for the cPCI architecture at the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG) cPCI web page, at www.picmg.org/compactpci.stm.

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