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Appendix C. BusyBox Commands

Appendix C. BusyBox Commands

BusyBox has many useful commands. Here is a list of the commands documented in a recent BusyBox snapshot.

addgroup Adds a group to the system
adduser Adds a user to the system
adjtimex Reads and optionally sets system timebase parameters
ar Extracts or lists files from an ar archive
arping Pings hosts by ARP requests/replies
ash The ash shell (command interpreter)
awk Pattern-scanning and processing language
basename Strips directory path and suffixes from files
bunzip2 Uncompresses a file (or standard input if no input file specified)
bzcat Uncompresses to stdout
cal Displays a calendar
cat Concatenates file(s) and prints them to stdout
chgrp Changes the group membership of each file
chmod Changes file access permissions
chown Changes the owner and/or group of file(s)
chroot Runs the command with root directory set to new root
chvt Changes the foreground virtual terminal to /dev/ttyN
clear Clears screen
cmp Compares files
cp Copies files
cpio Extracts or lists files from a cpio archive
crond BusyBox's version of cron daemon
crontab Manages crontab control file
cut Prints selected fields from each input file to standard output
date Displays or sets the system time
dc Tiny RPN calculator
dd Copies a file, converting and formatting according to options
deallocvt Deallocates unused virtual terminal /dev/ttyN
delgroup Deletes a group from the system
deluser Deletes a user from the system
devfsd Obsolete daemon for managing devfs permissions and old device name symlinks
df Prints the file system space used and space available
dirname Strips a nondirectory suffix from a filename
dmesg Prints or controls the kernel ring buffer
dos2unix Converts a file from DOS format to UNIX format
dpkg Utility to install, remove, and manage Debian packages
dpkg-deb Performs actions on Debian packages (debs)
du Summarizes disk space used for each file and/or directory
dumpkmap Prints a binary keyboard-translation table to standard output
dumpleases Displays the DHCP leases granted by udhcpd
echo Prints the specified ARGs to stdout
env Prints the current environment or runs a program after setting
expr Prints the value of an expression to standard output
false Returns an exit code of FALSE (1)
fbset Shows and modifies frame buffer settings
fdflush Forces floppy disk drive to detect disk change
fdformat Low-level-formats a floppy disk
fdisk Changes partition table
find Searches for files in a directory hierarchy
fold Wraps input lines in each file
free Displays the amount of free and used system memory
freeramdisk Frees all memory used by the specified ramdisk
fsckminix Performs a consistency check for MINIX file systems
ftpget Retrieves a remote file via FTP
ftpput Stores a local file on a remote machine via FTP
getopt Parses command options
getty Opens a tty, prompts for a login name, and then invokes /bin/login
grep Searches for PATTERN in each file or standard input
gunzip Uncompresses file (or standard input)
gzip Compresses file(s) with maximum compression
halt Halts the system
hdparm Gets/sets hard disk parameters
head Prints first 10 lines of each file to standard output
hexdump Dumps files in user-specified binary, octal, hex, character, or decimal format
hostid Prints a unique 32-bit identifier for the machine
hostname Gets or sets the hostname
httpd Listens for incoming http server requests
hwclock Queries and sets the hardware clock (RTC)
id Prints information for USERNAME or the current user
ifconfig Configures a network interface
ifdown Deconfigures an interface
ifup Configure an interface
inetd Listenss for network connections and launches programs
init BusyBox version of init
insmod Loads the specified kernel modules into the kernel
install Copies files and sets attributes
ip TCP/IP configuration utility
ipaddr Manipulates interface addresses
ipcalc Calculates IP network settings from an IP address
iplink Manipulates interface settings
iproute Displays/sets routing table entries
iptunnel BusyBox iptunnel utility
kill Sends a signal (default is SIGTERM) to the specified process(es)
killall Sends a signal (default is SIGTERM) to the specified process(es)
klogd Kernel logger
lash The BusyBox LAme SHell (command interpreter)
last Shows a listing of the last users who logged into the system
length Prints the length of the specified STRING
ln Creates a link named LINK_NAME or DIRECTORY to the specified TARGET
loadfont Loads a console font from standard input
loadkmap Loads a binary keyboard-translation table from standard input
logger Writes MESSAGE to the system log
login Begins a new session on the system
logname Prints the name of the current user
logread Shows the messages from syslogd
losetup Associates LOOPDEVICE with file
ls Lists directory contents
lsmod Lists the currently loaded kernel modules
makedevs Creates a range of block or character special files
md5sum Prints or checks MD5 checksums
mesg mesg controls write access to your terminal
mkdir Creates directory entries
mkfifo Creates a named pipe (identical to mknod name p)
mkfsminix Makes a MINIX file system
mknod Creates a special file (block, character, or pipe)
mkswap Prepares a disk partition to be used as a swap partition
mktemp Creates a temporary file with its name based on TEMPLATE
modprobe Used for high-level module loading and unloading
more Filter for viewing files one screenful at a time
mount Mounts a file system
mt Controls magnetic tape drive operation
mv Renames and/or moves files
nameif Renames a network interface while in the down state
nc Netcat opens a pipe to IP:port
netstat Netstat displays Linux networking information
nslookup Queries the nameserver for the IP address of the given host
od Dumps files in octal and other formats
openvt Starts a command on a new virtual terminal
passwd Changes a user password
patch BusyBox implementation of patch
pidof Gets PID of named process
ping Sends ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts
ping6 Sends ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts
pivot_root Changes the root file system
poweroff Halts the system and requests that the kernel shut off the power
printf Formats and prints arguments according to user format
ps Reports process status
pwd Prints the full filename of the current working directory
rdate Gets and possibly sets the system date and time from a remote HOST
readlink Displays the value of a symbolic link
realpath Returns the absolute pathnames of a given argument
reboot Reboots the system
renice Changes priority of running processes in allowed priorities range
reset Resets the screen
rm Removes (unlink) file(s)
rmdir Removes directory(ies), if they are empty
rmmod Unloads the specified kernel modules from the kernel
route Edits the kernel's routing tables
rpm Manipulates RPM packages
rpm2cpio Outputs a cpio archive of the rpm file
run-parts Runs a bunch of scripts in a directory
rx Receives a file using the xmodem protocol
sed Busybox Stream Editor implementation
seq Prints a range of numbers to standard output
setkeycodes Sets entries into the kernel's scancode-to-keycode map
sha1sum Prints or checks SHA1 checksums
sleep Delay for specified amount of time
sort Sorts lines of text in the specified files
start-stop-daemon Program to start and stop services
strings Displays printable strings in a binary file
stty Displays and modifies terminal settings
su Changes user ID or become root
sulogin Single user login
swapoff Disables virtual memory page swapping
swapon Enables virtual memory page swapping
sync Writes all buffered file system blocks to disk
sysctl Configures kernel parameters at runtime
syslogd Linux system and kernel-logging utility
tail Prints last 10 lines of each file to standard output
tar Creates, extracts, or lists files from a tar file
tee Copies standard input to each file and also to standard output
telnet BusyBox Telnet client implementation
telnetd BusyBox Telnet server implementation
test Checks file types and compares values, returning an exit
tftp Transfers a file using TFTP protocol
time Measures time used by a program
top Provides a view of processor activity in real time
touch Updates the last-modified date on the given FILE[s]
tr Translates, squeezes, and/or deletes characters
traceroute Traces the route IP packets follow
true Returns an exit code of trUE (0)
tty Prints the filename of the terminal connected to standard input
udhcpc BusyBox DHCP client implementation
udhcpd BusyBox DHCP server implementation
umount Unmount file systems
uname Prints certain system information
uncompress Uncompresses Z file(s)
uniq Discards all but one of successive identical lines from INPUT
unix2dos Converts file from UNIX format to DOS format
unzip Extracts files from ZIP archives
uptime Displays the time since the last boot
usleep Pauses for n microseconds
uudecode Uudecodes a file that is uuencoded
uuencode Uuencodes a file
vconfig Lets you create and remove virtual Ethernet devices
vi BusyBox vi editor
vlock Locks a virtual terminal and requires a password to unlock it
watch Executes a program periodically
watchdog Periodically writes to a specified watchdog device
wc Prints line, word, and byte counts for each file
wget Retrieves files via HTTP or FTP
which Locates a command on the current path
who Prints the current usernames and related information
whoami Prints the username associated with the current effective user ID
xargs Executes a command on every item given by standard input
yes Repeatedly outputs a line with all specified STRING(s), or y
zcat Uncompresses to stdout

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