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3.2.6. AMD MIPS

3.2.6. AMD MIPS

Advanced Micro Devices also plays a significant role in the embedded MIPS controller market. The company's 2002 acquisition of Alchemy Semiconductor garnered several popular single-chip integrated SOCs based on the MIPS32 core and architecture. The Alchemy line from AMD is based on the popular MIPS32 core. All feature relatively low power dissipation and a high level of onboard system integration.

The Au1000 and Au1100 operate at clock rates of 266-500MHz. Both feature onboard SDRAM controllers and separate bus controllers for attachment to external devices such as Flash and PCMCIA. Table 3-8 summarizes the current Alchemy product line.

Table 3-8. AMD Alchemy MIPS Highlights Summary

Feature[22] Au1000 Au1100 Au1200 Au1500 Au1550
Core/speeds MIPS32 266-500MHz MIPS32 333-500MHz MIPS32 333-500MHz MIPS32 333-500MHz MIPS32 333-500MHz
Ethernet 10/100 2 1 2 2
GPIO lines 32 48 48 39 43
UARTs 4 3 2 2 3
USB 1.1 Host + device Host + device USB 2.0 Host + device Host + device
AC-97 audio 1 1 Via SPC 1 Via SPC
I2S controller 1 1 Via SPC Via SPC
SD/MMC N 2 2 N N

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