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12.5 VC Command Summary

12.5 VC Command Summary

To give you the flavor of the other things VC can do for you, Table 12-1 provides a summary of VC commands. Each one will be explained in detail, but you can probably guess some of their actions from the command names.

Table 12-1. VC commands

Keystrokes Command name Action
C-x v v vc-next-action Go to the next logical version control state.
C-x v d vc-directory Show all registered files beneath a directory.
C-x v = vc-diff Generate a version difference report.
C-x v u vc-revert-buffer Throw away changes since the last checked-in revision.
C-x v ~ vc-version-other-window Retrieve a given revision in another window.
C-x v l vc-print-log Display a file's change comments and history.
C-x v i vc-register Register a file for version control.
C-x v h vc-insert-headers Insert version control headers in a file.
C-x v r vc-retrieve-snapshot Check out a named project snapshot.
C-x v s vc-create-snapshot Create a named project snapshot.
C-x v c vc-cancel-version Throw away a saved revision.
C-x v a vc-update-change-log Update a GNU-style ChangeLog file.

These commands are ordered in the table roughly by decreasing frequency of use. This is also the order in which we'll describe them in the following sections. All VC commands have the common prefix C-x v. Your fingers will learn this prefix quickly, and all you usually have to remember is the single command suffix. Two minor commands, vc-rename-file and vc-clear-context, are not bound to keys. They are explained later on.

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