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Editing Printer Settings

Editing Printer Settings

You also use the system-config-printer tool to edit the newly defined printers. To edit the printer settings, highlight the printer's listing in the printer browser window. You can then select specific settings related to that printer by using the tabs that appear in the right side of the dialog box. The Printer Options dialog, part of the printer settings, is shown in Figure 8.7.

FIGURE 8.7 Edit a printer's settings by using tabs in system-config-printer.

The first tab in this dialog enables you to assign a new description for the printer. In this example, the printer has the description OfficeJet Pro K5400. Other tabs in this dialog enable you to change the queue type or queue options (such as whether to print a banner page or set the image area of a page), to select or update the driver, or to set print job options (shown in Figure 8.8).

FIGURE 8.8 Configure how system-config-printer handles print jobs that are submitted to it using the Job Options tab.

When you make changes, make sure to click the Apply button in the bottom right-hand corner of system-config-printer in order to restart CUPS and for the changes to take effect. Click Quit from the Action menu when you're finished.

Related Fedora and Linux Commands

The following commands help you manage printing services:

accept — Controls print job access to the CUPS server via the command line

cancel — Cancels a print job from the command line

cancel — Command-line control of print queues

disable — Controls printing from the command line

enable — Command-line control CUPS printers

lp — Command-line control of printers and print service

lpc — Displays status of printers and print service at the console

lpq — Views print queues (pending print jobs) at the console

lprm — Removes print jobs from the print queue via the command line

lpstat — Displays printer and server status

system-config-printer — Fedora's graphical printer configuration tool

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