Книга: Fedora™ Unleashed, 2008 edition

Sound Cards

Sound Cards

Fedora supports a wide variety of sound hardware and software. Two models of sound card drivers compete for prominence in today's market:

? ALSA, the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture, which is entirely open source

? OSS, the Open Sound System, which offers free and commercial drivers

Fedora uses ALSA because ALSA is the sound architecture for the 2.6 series kernels.

ALSA supports a long list of sound cards. You can review the list at http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-doc/. If your sound card is not supported, it might be supported in the commercial version of OSS. You can download a trial version of commercial software and test your sound card at http://www.opensound.com/download.cgi.

Fedora detects most sound cards during the original installation. If you add or replace a sound card after the initial install, the Kudzu New Hardware Configuration utility automatically detects and configures it at the next reboot. To configure the sound card at any other time, use the system-config-soundcard graphical tool. The graphical tool can be found under the System, Administration menu as the Soundcard Detection menu item.

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