Книга: DirectX 8 Programming Tutorial

Creating a .x file with MilkShape 3D

Creating a .x file with MilkShape 3D

Once you have your 3D modelling package, the next thing to do is create a model. For this tutorial have created a simple spaceship. I used the tutorials http://xu1productions.com/3dstudio/tutorials.html to get me started with MilkShape. Fig 10.1 below, shows a screenshot of MilkShape 3D with my completed spaceship model.

Fig 10.1

Once your model is complete, you need to export it to a .x file. To do this with MilkShape, download and install the "DirectX 8.1 Exporter" plug-in by John Thompson from the MilkShape website. Then open your model in MilkShape and go to "File"?"Export"?"DirectX (JT)…". Select a location for your .x file, then select the options you require (normally the defaults) and press "OK". You are now ready to load your model into your DirectX program.

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