Книга: DirectX 8 Programming Tutorial



In this tutorial we will convert our single file into two classes: CGame and CCuboid. CGame will contain the main code such as initialisation, the game loop and rendering. CCuboid will be used to create cuboid objects, you can specify position and size. CCuboid also has a Render function that should be called in the CGame render function. I have not made any major changes to the code from the last tutorial, so you should find it pretty easy to understand. We will change our program to be full screen rather than windowed and we'll take a look at depth buffers. From now on, I will not show all of the program code in the tutorial as I have done so far (they're getting to long). Instead, I'll only show you the snippets of code that are new or have been modified. You can download the full source code by clicking the "Download Source" link above.

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