Книга: UNIX — универсальная среда программирования

3.7.19 mbox

3.7.19 mbox
From: Polyhedron Software Ltd <100013.461@CompuServe.COM>
To: ">INTERNET:bwk@research.att.com" <bwk@research.att.com >

Subject: Message from Internet
Date: 10 May 91 04:07:07 EDT
Message-Id: <"910510080707 100013.461 CHE27-1"@CompuServe.COM>
Got your message. I'll pass it on to Tony. We haven't noticed any
errors at all in CompuServe mail, so far.
Graham Wood
From kam Thu May 9 10:58:06 EDT 1991
tony fritzpatrick called from england. he had spoken to you
last week about compuserve.
the number is:
this is regarding the HOC6 listing.
he will call you back tomorrow
From pipe!subll276 Fri May 3 10:38:29 EDT 1991
Message to: BK
From: Tony Fitzpatrick
Highlands Farm
Greys Road
Henley OXON, RG 94 PS
Telephone: 0491 - 575-989 (country code 45)
FAX: 0491 576 557
1. H would like permission
   (which has already been granted by publisher) to
   use HUC 6 program — commercial software.
2. Is the listing available on floppy disk?
3. Thank you for a very interesting and useful book.
4. He left his fax # and telephone #. He wasn't sure of the country code.
   He would appreciate hearing from you via fax.
sub 11276

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