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Finding a Playlist

Finding a Playlist

The last of the three URL functions is the simplest. It presents a table listing all the playlists that have been created. Ordinarily users won't need to use this page, but during development it gives you a useful view into the state of the system. It also provides the mechanism to choose a different playlist—each playlist ID is a link to the playlist page with an explicit playlist-id query parameter, which will then be made sticky by the playlist URL function. Note that you need to acquire the *playlists-lock* to make sure the *playlists* hash table doesn't change out from under you while you're iterating over it.

(define-url-function all-playlists (request)
(:title "All Playlists")
((:table :class "all-playlists")
(:table-row "Playlist" "# Songs" "Most recent user agent")
(with-process-lock (*playlists-lock*)
(loop for playlist being the hash-values of *playlists* do
(:a :href (link "playlist" :playlist-id (id playlist)) (:print (id playlist)))
(:print (table-size (songs-table playlist)))
(:print (user-agent playlist)))))))))

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