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Make Your Demands Heard

Make Your Demands Heard

In addition to using the target ID system to indicate what level of device your project is targeting, you can use a new AndroidManifest.xml element to specify hardware that is required for your application to run properly.

You can add one or more <uses-configuration> elements inside the <manifest> element. Each <uses-configuration> element specifies one valid configuration of hardware that your application will work with.

At the present time, there are five possible hardware requirements you can specify this way:

• android:reqFiveWayNav to indicate you need a 5-way navigation pointing device of some form (e.g., android:reqFiveWayNav="true")

• android:reqNavigation to restrict the 5-way navigation pointing device to a specific type (e.g., android:reqNavigation="trackball")

• android:reqHardKeyboard to specify if a hardware (physical) keyboard is required (e.g., android:reqHardKeyboard="true")

• android:reqKeyboardType, probably used in conjunction with android:reqHardKeyboard, to indicate a specific type of hardware keyboard that is required (e.g., android:reqKeyboardType="qwerty")

• android:reqTouchScreen to indicate what type of touchscreen is required, if any (e.g., android:reqTouchScreen="finger")

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