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Add and Subtract

Add and Subtract

Since the Android M5 SDK in the summer of 2008, Google Maps has been available to application developers willing to agree to the terms and conditions. However, since Google Maps is not part of the open source Android project, there was always the possibility that some Android devices would not have Google Maps on them. For example, anyone porting Android via the open source project to existing hardware on a “homebrew” basis would unlikely be in a position to license Google Maps.

To accommodate this and similar scenarios with other possible technology, Android 1.5 has introduced a more formal add-on mechanism. You can see this with the target ID system, whereby some targets have Google Maps and others do not. If a device manufacturer decides to add some APIs to their devices that are unique to them, presumably they could use this same add-on system to help developers target their devices. This also opens up the possibility for other platform-level optional components, particularly ones that might need to be licensed, such as the oft-rumored Adobe Flash add-on.

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