Книга: Beginning Android

Introducing Android 1.5

Android is a continuously changing product. In fact, while this book was being put into production Google and the Open Handset Alliance released Android 1.5.

This was great for you, the developer, because Android 1.5 adds in quite a bit more to the product.

On the other hand, the timing left a bit to be desired in terms of getting this book into print. The vast majority of what you have read so far is accurate for Android 1.1 and Android 1.5. This Appendix will point out the exceptions — the places where Android changed and so the advice for Android 1.1 is no longer correct. Those changes are few in number, so the bulk of this Appendix is spent covering what is new and how, in basic terms, you can make use of the new material as a developer. This material is nowhere near the depth that you will find in the rest of the book, because Android 1.5 has been available for only a few weeks, and it will take months to write up everything that is new and exciting.

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