Книга: Beginning Android

What You Get Out of It

What You Get Out of It

When you compile your project (via ant or the IDE), the results go into the bin/ directory under your project root, specifically:

• bin/classes/ holds the compiled Java classes

• bin/classes.dex holds the executable created from those compiled Java classes

• bin/yourapp.ap_ holds your application’s resources, packaged as a ZIP file (where yourapp is the name of your application)

• bin/yourapp-debug.apk or bin/yourapp-unsigned.apk is the actual Android application (where yourapp is the name of your application)

The .apk file is a ZIP archive containing the .dex file, the compiled edition of your resources (resources.arsc), any un-compiled resources (such as what you put in res/raw/) and the AndroidManifest.xml file. It is also digitally signed, with the -debug portion of the filename indicating it has been signed using a debug key that works with the emulator, or -unsigned indicating that you built your application for release (ant release), but the APK still needs to be signed using jarsigner and an official key.

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