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Root Contents

Root Contents

When you create a new Android project (e.g., via the activitycreator script, which you will see in Chapter 4, or an Android-enabled IDE), you get several items in the project’s root directory:

• AndroidManifest.xml, an XML file describing the application being built and what components — activities, services, etc. — are being supplied by that application

• build.xml, an Ant[5] script for compiling the application and installing it on the device

• default.properties, a property file used by the Ant build script

• bin/ holds the application once it is compiled

• libs/ holds any third-party Java JARs your application requires

• src/ holds the Java source code for the application

• res/ holds resources, such as icons, GUI layouts, and the like, that get packaged with the compiled Java in the application

• assets/ holds other static files you wish packaged with the application for deployment onto the device

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