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…And Not a Drop to Drink

…And Not a Drop to Drink

Not all Java code will work on Android and Dalvik. Specifically consider the following:

• If the Java code assumes it runs on Java SE, Java ME, or Java EE, it may be missing some APIs that those platforms provide that Android does not. For example, some charting libraries assume the existence of Swing or Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) drawing primitives, which are generally unavailable on Android.

• The Java code might have a dependency on other Java code that, in turn, might have problems running on Android. For example, you might want to use a JAR that relies upon an earlier (or newer) version of the Apache HTTPComponents than the one that is bundled with Android.

• The Java code may use language capabilities beyond what the Dalvik engine is capable of using.

In all these cases, if you have only a compiled JAR to work with, you may not encounter problems at compile time, but rather when running the application. Hence, where possible it is best to use open-source code with Android so you can build the third-party code alongside your own and find out about difficulties sooner.

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