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Data Retention

Data Retention

Computers gather data about how they’re used. These data are collected in logs. The logs can be verbose or not — meaning they might gather lots of data, or little. And the more they gather, the easier it will be to trace who did what.

Governments are beginning to recognize this. And some are making sure they can take advantage of it. The United States is beginning to “mull”[14], and the European Union has adopted, legislation to regulate “data generated or processed in connection with the provision of publicly available electronic communications, ” by requiring that providers retain specified data to better enable law enforcement. This includes data to determine the source, destination, time, duration, type, and equipment used in a given communication.[15] Rules such as this will build a layer of traceability into the platform of electronic communication, making it easier for governments to track individual behavior. (By contrast, in 2006, Congressman Ed Markey of Massachusetts proposed legislation to forbid certain Internet companies, primarily search engines, from keeping logs that make Internet behavior traceable.[16] We’ll see how far that proposed rule gets.)

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