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Subscription and off-line browsing

Subscription and off-line browsing

You can subscribe to our tutorials directly, or you can view our tutorials off-line by using the subscription option in your browser. Both Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and Netscape Navigator 4.0 or later have this option.

Some of you asked why we don't provide a zipped version of the tutorials. Unfortunately we don't have the resources to keep both versions in synch. Sorry!

Here is how you subscribe to tutorials in IE 4.0:

• Add current page to your Favorites and

• Choose the option to subscribe by clicking on "Yes, notify me of updates and download the page for offline viewing."

• Click on "Customize,"

• Choose "Download this page and pages linked to it."

• Choose link depth 1 to get all the windows tutorials (or 2, if you want the source code for the examples).

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