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Joining the Tutorial Project

Joining the Tutorial Project

This is an exprerimental subscription service — a new method of distributing and updating sources. It uses our version control system, Code Co-op, to create a project on your machine and enlist you as an anonymous project member. You will be able to download the sources of all the tutorials in the form of Code Co-op synchronization scripts.

When we modify the sources, you'll be able to obtain modification scripts that will automatically update your copy of the project. These scripts will only contain changes , so the updates will be much smaller than the original sources.

Download and install Code Co-op (less than 1mb).

During installation, configure your machine as standalone. Notice: the whole procedure is free. Normally, you have to buy a license to use Code Co-op. However, you don't need a license to be an "observer" in a project. Additionally, for the first 31 days after installation, you'll have access to the full functionality of the program. You're welcome to experiment with it.

Notice also that the installation of Code Co-op (unlike many other programs) does not replace any dll's in your system directory. So, after you've defected from all projects and ran uninstall from the Control Panel, there will be no trace of our program on your computer!

Join the Tutorial project.

Start Code Co-op. Select Join from the Project menu. Fill out the following dialog:

Make sure the items circled in red are filled in as in the picture. Type in a path where you want the sources on your machine (the database path will default to its subdirectory, Co-op). Provide your name and e-mail address (we'll notify you about updates, but no spam!).

The dispatcher will try to email a join request to tutorial@relisoft.com. If your e-mail program is not Simple MAPI compatible, it will fail. Don't worry: delete the join script from your local outbox (in the example above it would be at New">c:your pathtutorialCo-opOutbox") and send us a note (may be empty) to tutorial@relisoft.com, so that we can notify you about updates.

Download initisal scripts.

This is a zipped file. Unzip its contents into the local inbox of your project (it's the Inbox subdirectory of your project's database). In the example above, the path would be c:your pathtutorialCo-opInbox. (Do not put it in the Global Inbox!)

Synchronize the Project.

Start Code Co-op, (visit the Tutorial project, if necessary).

Click on the Mailbox tab if necessary,

Click on the Synchronize button.

If there are more scripts in the mailbox, repeat the following steps.

In the Mailbox area, click on the Synchronize button. You'll be transferred to the Synch Area,

Click the Accept Synch button.

Update the Project Occasionally

When you get a notification from us, download the appropriate script(s), copy them into your local inbox and perform the synchronization. If you're not using Code Co-op for anything else, you may remove the Dispatcher from your Startup group.

If you purchase a license, or already have one…

Code Co-op will ask you if you want to change your status in the Tutorial project to that of a "voting member." The answer is no. Code Co-op will then send a license update script to us, but we'll disregard it.

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