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Comparing WCF with ASMX Web Services

Comparing WCF with ASMX Web Services

Now that you've created a traditional ASMX Web Service, let's compare ASMX and WCF and see how they differ:

? ASMX Web Services use web methods that are exposed to the world. Web methods use the request/response communication models. In WCF, these web methods are known as operations, and you can use any one of the three different types of communication models: one-way transaction, request/response, and full-duplex.

? Web services use the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) messaging transported over HTTP. WCF can utilize different protocols for messaging — SOAP, Plain Old XML (POX), and so on — transported over a wide variety of communication protocols, including TCP and HTTP.

? Web services listen at a particular port number (such as port 80); WCF can have multiple endpoints listening at different port numbers.

? Web services are hosted by web servers (such as IIS); WCF can be hosted in different forms, such as Windows services, Windows applications, or just processes.

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