Книга: Embedded Linux Primer: A Practical, Real-World Approach

4.3.7. Kernel Documentation

4.3.7. Kernel Documentation

A wealth of information is available in the Linux source tree itself. It would be difficult indeed to read it all because there are nearly 650 documentation files in 42 subdirectories in the .../Documentation directory. Be cautious in reading this material: Given the rapid pace of kernel development and release, this documentation tends to become outdated quickly. Nonetheless, it often provides a great starting point from which you can form a foundation on a particular kernel subsystem or concept.

Do not neglect the Linux Documentation Project, found at www.tldp.org, where you might find the most up-to-date version of a particular document or man page.[35] The list of suggested reading at the end of this chapter duplicates the URL for the Linux Documentation Project, for easy reference. Of particular interest to the previous discussion is the Kbuild documentation found in the kernel .../Documentation/kbuild subdirectory.

No discussion of Kernel documentation would be complete without mentioning Google. One day soon, Googling will appear in Merriam Webster's as a verb! Chances are, many problems and questions you might ask have already been asked and answered before. Spend some time to become proficient in searching the Internet for answers to questions. You will discover numerous mailing lists and other information repositories full of useful information related to your specific project or problem. Appendix E contains a useful list of open-source resources.

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