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4.1.2. Kernel Source Repositories

4.1.2. Kernel Source Repositories

The official home for the kernel source code is www.kernel.org. There you can find both current and historical versions of the Linux kernel, as well as numerous patches. The primary FTP repository found at ftp.kernel.org contains subdirectories going all the way back to Linux Version 1.0. This site is the primary focus for the ongoing development activities within the Linux kernel.

If you download a recent Linux kernel from kernel.org, you will find files in the source tree for 25 different architectures and subarchitectures. Several other development trees support the major architectures. One of the reasons is simply the sheer volume of developers and changes to the kernel. If every developer on every architecture submitted patches to kernel.org, the maintainers would be inundated with changes and patch management, and would never get to do any feature development. As anyone involved with kernel development will tell you, it's already very busy!

Several other public source trees exist outside the mainline kernel.org source, mostly for architecture-specific development. For example, a developer working on the MIPS architecture might find a suitable kernel at www.linux-mips.org. Normally, work done in an architecture tree is eventually submitted to the kernel.org kernel. Most architecture developers try to sync up to the mainline kernel often, to keep up with new developments whenever possible. However, it is not always straightforward to get one's patches included in the mainline kernel, and there will always be a lag. Indeed, differences in the architecture kernel trees exist at any given point in time.

If you are wondering how to find a kernel for your particular application, the best way to proceed is to obtain the latest stable Linux source tree. Check to see if support for your particular processor exists, and then search the Linux kernel mailing lists for any patches or issues related to your application. Also find the mailing list that most closely matches your interest, and search that archive also.

Appendix E, "Open Source Resources," contains several good references and sources of information related to kernel source repositories, mailing lists, and more.

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