Книга: Embedded Linux Primer: A Practical, Real-World Approach

13.6.2. addr2line

13.6.2. addr2line

When we highlighted mtrace in Listing 13-12, you saw that the output from the mtrace analysis script contained file and line number information. The mTRace Perl script used the addr2line utility to read the debug information contained in the executable ELF file and display a line number corresponding to the address. Using the same mtrace example executable, we can find a filename and line number for a virtual address:

$ addr2line -f -e mt_ex 0x80487c6

Notice that the function put_data() is also listed together with the file and line number. This says that the address 0x80487c6 is on line 64 of the mt_ex.c file, in the put_data() function. This is even more useful in larger binaries consisting of multiple filenames, such as the Linux kernel:

$ ppc_82xx-addr2line -f -e vmlinux c000d95c

This particular example highlights one of the points repeated throughout this chapter: This is an architecture-specific tool. You must use a tool configured and compiled to match the architecture of the target binary that you are using. As with the cross-compiler, addr2line is a cross-tool and part of the binary utilities package.

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