Книга: Embedded Linux Primer: A Practical, Real-World Approach

7.5.3. Still More Bootloaders

7.5.3. Still More Bootloaders

Numerous other bootloaders have found their way into specific niches. For example, Redboot is another open-source bootloader that Intel and the XScale community have adopted for use on various evaluation boards based on the Intel IXP and PXA processor families. Micromonitor is in use by board vendors such as Cogent and others. YAMON has found popularity in MIPs circles.[60] LinuxBIOS is used primarily in X86 environments. In general, when you consider a boot loader, you should consider some important factors up front:

• Does it support my chosen processor?

• Has it been ported to a board similar to my own?

• Does it support the features I need?

• Does it support the hardware devices I intend to use?

• Is there a large community of users where I might get support?

• Are there any commercial vendors from which I can purchase support?

These are some of the questions you must answer when considering what bootloader to use in your embedded project. Unless you are doing something on the "bleeding edge" of technology using a brand-new processor, you are likely to find that someone has already done the bulk of the hard work in porting a bootloader to your chosen platform. Use the resources at the end of this chapter to help make your final decisions.

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