Книга: Embedded Linux Primer: A Practical, Real-World Approach

7.4.5. Porting Summary

7.4.5. Porting Summary

By now, you can appreciate some of the difficulties of porting a bootloader to a hardware platform. There is simply no substitute for a detailed knowledge of the underlying hardware. Of course, we'd like to minimize our investment in time required for this task. After all, we usually are not paid based on how well we understand every hardware detail of a given processor, but rather on our ability to deliver a working solution in a timely manner. Indeed, this is one of the primary reasons open source has flourished. We just saw how easy it was to port U-Boot to a new hardware platformnot because we're world-class experts on the processor, but because many before us have done the bulk of the hard work already.

Listing 7-8 is the complete list of new or modified files that complete the basic EP405 port for U-Boot. Of course, if there had been new hardware devices for which no support exists in U-Boot, or if we were porting to a new CPU that is not yet supported in U-Boot, this would have been a much more significant effort. The point to be made here, at the risk of sounding redundant, is that there is simply no substitute for a detailed knowledge of both the hardware (CPU and subsystems) and the underlying software (U-Boot) to complete a port successfully in a reasonable time frame. If you start the project from that frame of mind, you will have a successful outcome.

Listing 7-8. New or Changed Files for U-Boot EP405 Port

$ diff -purN u-boot u-boot-ep405/ | grep +++

+++ u-boot-ep405/board/ep405/config.mk
+++ u-boot-ep405/board/ep405/ep405.c
+++ u-boot-ep405/board/ep405/ep405.h
+++ u-boot-ep405/board/ep405/flash.c
+++ u-boot-ep405/board/ep405/init.S
+++ u-boot-ep405/board/ep405/Makefile
+++ u-boot-ep405/board/ep405/u-boot.lds
+++ u-boot-ep405/include/config.h
+++ u-boot-ep405/include/config.mk
+++ u-boot-ep405/include/configs/EP405.h
+++ u-boot-ep405/include/ppc405.h
+++ u-boot-ep405/Makefile

Recall that we derived all the files in the .../board/ep405 directory from another directory. Indeed, we didn't create any files from scratch for this port. We borrowed from the work of others and customized where necessary to achieve our goals.

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