Книга: Embedded Linux Primer: A Practical, Real-World Approach

7.3.5. Booting from Disk: U-Boot

7.3.5. Booting from Disk: U-Boot

As described in the previous section, U-Boot supports several methods for booting a kernel image from a disk subsystem. This simple command illustrates one of the supported methods:

=> diskboot 0x400000 0:0

To understand this syntax, you must first understand how U-Boot numbers disk devices. The 0:0 in this example specifies the device and partition. In this simple example, U-Boot performs a raw binary load of the image found on the first IDE device (IDE device 0) from the first partition found on this device. The image is loaded into system memory at physical address 0x400000.

After the kernel image has been loaded into memory, the U-Boot bootm command (boot from memory) is used to boot the kernel:

=> bootm 0x400000  

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