Книга: Embedded Linux Primer: A Practical, Real-World Approach

6.4.6. Building an initrd Image

6.4.6. Building an initrd Image

Constructing a suitable root file system image is one of the more challenging aspects of embedded systems. Creating a proper initrd image is even more challenging because it needs to be small and specialized. For this section, we examine initrd requirements and file system contents.

Listing 6-12 was produced by running the tree utility on our example initrd image from this chapter.

Listing 6-12. Contents of Example initrd

|-- bin
|   |-- busybox
|   |-- echo -> busybox
|   |-- mount -> busybox
|   '-- sh -> busybox
|-- dev
|   |-- console
|   |-- ram0
|   '-- ttyS0
|-- etc
|-- linuxrc
'-- proc
4 directories, 8 files

As you can see, it is very small indeed; it takes up a little more than 500KB in uncompressed form. Since it is based on busybox, it has many capabilities. Because busybox is statically linked, it has no dependencies on any system libraries. You will learn more about busybox in Chapter 11.

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