Книга: Embedded Linux Primer: A Practical, Real-World Approach

6.1.1. FHS: File System Hierarchy Standard

6.1.1. FHS: File System Hierarchy Standard

Several kernel developers authored a standard governing the organization and layout of a UNIX file system. The File System Hierarchy Standard (FHS) establishes a minimum baseline of compatibility between Linux distributions and application programs. You'll find a reference to this standard in Section 6.7.1 "Suggestions for Additional Reading" at the end of this chapter. You are encouraged to review the FHS standard for a better background on the layout and rationale of UNIX file system organization.

Many Linux distributions have directory layouts closely matching that described in the FHS standard. The standard exists to provide one element of a common base between different UNIX and Linux distributions. The FHS standard allows your application software (and developers) to predict where certain system elements, including files and directories, can be found on the file system.

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