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Classification of STL components

Classification of STL components

The STL components are divided into six broad categories on the basis of functionality: Containers, Iterators, Algorithms, Function Objects, Utilities, and Allocators; these categories are defined in the Introduction, and the Table of Contents is organized according to them.

The STL documentation contains two indices. One of them, the Main Index, lists all components in alphabetical order. The other, the Divided Index, contains a separate alphabetical listing for each category. The Divided Index includes one category that is not present in the Table of Contents: Adaptors. An adaptor is a class or a function that transforms one interface into a different one. The reason that adaptors don't appear in the Table of Contents is that no component is merely an adaptor, but always an adaptor and something else; stack, for example, is a container and an adaptor. Accordingly, stack appears in two different places in the Divided Index. There are several other components that appear in the Divided Index in more than one place.

The STL documentation classifies components in two ways.

1. Categories are a classification by functionality. The categories are:

 • Container

 • Iterator

 • Algorithm

 • Function Object

 • Utility

 • Adaptor

 • Allocator.

2. Component types are a structural classification: one based on what kind of C++ entity (if any) a component is. The component types are:

 • Type (i.e. a struct or class )

 • Function

 • Concept (as defined in the Introduction).

These two classification schemes are independent, and each of them applies to every STL component; vector, for example, is a type whose category is Containers, and Forward Iterator is a concept whose category is Iterators.

Both of these classification schemes appear at the top of every page that documents an STL component. The upper left corner identifies the the component's category as Containers, Iterators, Algorithms, Function Objects, Utilities, Adaptors, or Allocators, and the upper right corner identifies the component as a type, a function, or a concept.

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