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Arithmetic Operators

Arithmetic Operators

Perl supports a wide variety of math operations. Table 25.4 summarizes these operators.

TABLE 25.4 Perl Arithmetic Operators

Operator Purpose
x**y Raises x to the y power (same as x^y)
x%y Calculates the remainder of x/y
x+y Adds x to y
x-y Subtracts y from x
x*y Multiplies x times y
x/y Divides x by y
-y Negates y (switches the sign of y); also known as the unary minus
++y Increments y by 1 and uses value (prefix increment)
y++ Uses value of y and then increments by 1 (postfix increment)
--y Decrements y by 1 and uses value (prefix decrement)
y-- Uses value of y and then decrements by 1 (postfix decrement)
x=y Assigns value of y to x. Perl also supports operator-assignment operators (+=, -=, *=, /=, %=, **=, and others)

You can also use comparison operators (such as == or <) and compound pattern operators (&&, ||, and !) in arithmetic statements. They evaluate to the value 0 for false and 1 for true.

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