Книга: DirectX 8 Programming Tutorial



What is COM? Well, the Component Object Model is basically a library of methods. You can create COM objects in your program and then call the methods that they expose to you. Methods are grouped together in collections of related methods. These collections are known as Interfaces. You could think of a COM object as a library of functions arranged by subject. DirectX provides a whole host of these libraries that will enable you to create 3D games. The best part is, that DirectX takes care of a lot of the hard stuff for you, so it is pretty easy to get something simple up and running.

There is a lot more to COM than that, for a full description take a look in the SDK. All you really need to worry about is that you release all of your COM objects/interfaces before your program terminates. You should make sure that you release them in the reverse order to that which you created them. For example:

1. Create interface A.

2. Create interface B.

3. Release interface B.

4. Release interface A.

You release the COM object by calling their Release method.

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