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7.4.2. Mapped Segments

7.4.2. Mapped Segments

Virtual address spaces in Amoeba are constructed from segments. When a process is started, it must have at least one segment. However, once it is running, a process can create additional segments and map them into its address space at any unused virtual address. Figure 7-7 shows a process with three memory segments currently mapped in.

A process can also unmap segments. Furthermore, a process can specify a range of virtual addresses and request that the range be unmapped, after which those addresses are no longer legal. When a segment or a range of addresses is unmapped, a capability is returned so the segment may still be accessed, or even mapped back in again later, possibly at a different virtual address.

A segment may be mapped into the address space of two or more processes at the same time. This allows processes to operate on shared memory. However, usually it is better to create a single process with multiple threads when shared memory is needed. The main reason for having distinct processes is better protection, but if the two processes are sharing memory, protection is generally not desired.

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