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Location Providers: They Know Where You’re Hiding

Location Providers: They Know Where You’re Hiding

Android devices can have access to several different means of determining your location. Some will have better accuracy than others. Some may be free, while others may have a cost associated with them. Some may be able to tell you more than just your current position, such as your elevation over sea level, or your current speed.

Android, therefore, has abstracted all this out into a set of LocationProvider objects. Your Android environment will have zero or more LocationProvider instances, one for each distinct locating service that is available on the device. Providers know not only your location, but their own characteristics, in terms of accuracy, cost, etc.

You, as a developer, will use a LocationManager, which holds the LocationProvider set, to figure out which LocationProvider is right for your particular circumstance. You will also need the ACCESS_LOCATION permission in your application, or the various location APIs will fail due to a security violation. Depending on which location providers you wish to use, you may need other permissions as well, such as ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION or ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION.

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