Книга: Iptables Tutorial 1.2.2

Appendix F. Acknowledgments

Appendix F. Acknowledgments

I would like to thank the following people for their help on this document:

Fabrice Marie, For major updates to my horrible grammar and spelling. Also a huge thanks for updating the tutorial to DocBook format with make files etc.

Marc Boucher, For helping me out on some aspects on using the state matching code.

Frode E. Nyboe, For greatly improving the rc.firewall rules and giving great inspiration while i was to rewrite the rule-set and being the one who introduced the multiple table traversing into the same file.

Chapman Brad, Alexander W. Janssen, Both for making me realize I was thinking wrong about how packets traverse the basic NAT and filters tables and in which order they show up.

Michiel Brandenburg, Myles Uyema, For helping me out with some of the state matching code and getting it to work.

Kent `Artech' Stahre, For helping me out with the graphics. I know I suck at graphics, and you're better than most I know who do graphics;). Also thanks for checking the tutorial for errors etc.

Anders 'DeZENT' Johansson, For hinting me about strange ISPs and so on that uses reserved networks on the Internet, or at least on the Internet for you.

Jeremy `Spliffy' Smith, For giving me hints at stuff that might screw up for people and for trying it out and checking for errors in what I've written.

And of course everyone else I talked to and asked for comments on this file, sorry for not mentioning everyone.

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